The strawer telling the story of straw in the Onserone valley

The creation at kilometer zero of the strawers made of real straw,

stimulating in a modern way the handycraft of strawmaking of traditional straw in the Onsernone valley.

More and more people are realising the heavy impact plastic strawers are having on our environment.

For this reason, many international companies are starting to produce biodegradable strawers.

So to us it makes perfect sense to grow rye straw here in our valley, since for centuries this type of cereal has been used to produce both, grain for food and the stems for the straw manufactories, which at that time became famous in the fashion industry.

This is a modern way to relaunch the product, presented in an innovative way, which can certainly attract and intrigue people interested in sustainable production.

Information about the institution

The project is carried out by Pagliarte in collaboration with the association farina bóna d'Onsernone and an interdisciplinary team. The project won an award of  "Patriomonio per tutti".  





Lara Blumer

Ass. farina bóna d’Onsernone:

Ilario Garbani


Vasco Gamboni

Manager regionale:

Nicola Pini


Indirizzo di contatto:

Lara Blumer, presidente

di Pagliarte e ideatrice

del progetto:



091 797 10 22


079 572 07 99 


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